Todd Listening Project

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The mission of the Todd Listening Project (TLP) is: to connect the community of Todd through listening and organizing!

More information on TLP press, ongoing events and volunteer opportunities are listed below. TLP is an ongoing project, so please, stay tuned! See the promotional video below:

Outcomes of TLP:

  1. Based on annually interviewing around 200 local residents from a cross-section of Todd learning about their skills, concerns, and dreams we will be able to develop community based plans for at least 2 community social groups and 2 community action projects led by the community.
  2. “Map” and archive appropriate information from interviews about community needs, challenges, gifts and assets through visual art, a Todd interactive directory for ongoing skills sharing, and statistical reporting.
  3. Learn about existing local resources and traditions, informal and formal (organizations, groups, services, projects, businesses, activities, etc.).
  4. Incorporate community feedback in order to support and improve existing Todd resources and traditions (organizations, groups, services, projects, businesses, activities, etc.).
  5. Be ready to support at least 2 community social groups and 2 community action projects that emerge through TLP, but led by Todd residents for the vitality of Todd (e.g. farmer’s market, restaurants, elder care program, firewood ministry, General Store).
  6. Increase active local involvement by 80-100 residents that come from a broad cross-section of Todd.
  7. Increase neighborliness, connections, and bridge-building in our community.
  8. Expand regional networks of support for Todd (ASU, Boone non-profits and churches, etc.).


What is the community saying about TLP? Find local press about TLP below:

Religion in Life Broadcast, Season 3, Episode 4

Watauga Democrat

Ashe Mountain Times

High Country Press




1.How do I get involved?

You can get involved by contacting us through the contact form below.

2. Who is involved in this project?

Blackburn Community Outreach facilitates this project that involves a coalition of Todd organizations, churches and ordinary local residents, folks who’ve been in the Todd-area their entire lives and others that are newcomers to the area.

3. I’d like to be involved, but I’m not sure if I can volunteer to conduct interviews. Are there other ways to be involved?

Yes! Know of folks in Todd who might be interested in being interviewed? Would you be interested in being interviewed? We are always looking for new people to visit and interview. We are trying to interview a large cross-section of Todd. Also, as the project continues there will be many more opportunities to volunteer, donate and offer support so STAY TUNED by checking back on this website, on our Facebook and Twitter, or by contacting us directly, below or at (336) 877-3317. Thanks for your interest and support!

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