One major way that we strive to have an impact on sustainability and vitality beyond our rural NC community is through sharing our story and experiences in Todd with other communities and groups in other areas, near and far. We offer the following services to come alongside you and encourage your commitment to the vitality of your community, church or organization. Please contact us directly so that we can tailor your learning experience to your group’s needs, context and expectations. Prices are discussed within this process.

Experiential and Service Learning– Are you interested in taking a brief tour or having a group tour that provides an in depth experience of our work and life here? Want to engage in a service project with us and have intentional learning in the process? We offer experiential and service learning experiences for those who are seeking to immerse themselves in intentional communities and community development work. Please contact us through our e-mail at This might look like a few days or a week of living with us and learning about our alternative lifestyle and community work in Todd. Your service learning experience will be geared toward you and what you want to get out of it.

Training and Consulting – We also offer training seminars and consulting options for churches, groups or organizations that want to engage in or strengthen similar projects and work in their communities. While these learning experiences also incorporate hands-on learning, they are more seminar or presentation based. Contact us at our e-mail Our executive director, Brandon Wrencher, and our staff will facilitate these learning modules.


Katie is one of our current garden interns.

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