“the Eucharist is mission . . . in that it is making the church, the embodied Christ, available to the world. In its eucharistic worship the church is reformed to ‘go forth into the world to love and serve the Lord.'”

— from Liturgical Theology by Eugene Chan

Blackburn House resident staff call Blackburns’ Chapel their place of worship, and have the unique opportunity, in an age of commuter and mega churches, to learn what it means to be a worshipping community rooted in a particular place. Resident staff not only attend services, but participate in leading worship, teaching Bible studies and Sunday Schools, leading missions, preaching sermons, and being in fellowship with Blackburn’s Chapel parishioners.

We truly believe that our worship with BBC is an extension of and animates our life and ministry in Todd.

“What are the ecological costs of driving to a church community centered thirty minutes or more from our homes? What message do we convey to churches in and around our neighborhoods when we zip past them to go to distant churches that we deem more desirable?”

— Slow Church by Chris Smith & John Pattison

A couple of songs we’ve enjoyed playing in worship at BBC:

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