Blackburn House resident staff are paid through a generous grant from The Duke Endowment. Resident staff are also given free housing, but even more the responsibility of stewarding the parsonage and its grounds. In addition to the property’s general care, cleanliness and maintenance, Blackburn House also has a garden plot for bringing fresh produce to the table, as well as demonstrating possibilities for sustainability, beauty and service. As a matter of stewardship of God’s earth, we practice organic and ecological gardening methods.

Life in the Blackburn House also challenges us to think biblically about our financial stewardship. We do this in a number of ways, but most regularly through committing to buy locally as well as stewarding the ways in which we use the grant money we receive from The Duke Endowment for community and economic development projects. Also, we intentionally choose to live on a lower wage, to share a common purse for food and household goods, and pay attention to each other’s needs. Ultimately, we seek ways to practice simplicity in things so that we might seek simplicity of heart–opening us to God and to love one another and our neighbors well.

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