Blackburn House resident staff serve the community of Todd in a variety of ways. Our aim is not only to create ways of serving, but to serve organization already working in the area. We believe in serving in a way that builds connections as neighbors–not as convenient charity done by outsiders. We strive to emulate models seen in the Christian Community Development Association and the broader movement of asset-based community development (ABCD – see videos below).

We partner with Elkland Art Center, volunteering every week to support their work in creating community through art. We support the Todd Community Preservation Organization, volunteering at their community events and music series. BBH now serves on the TCPO board, with one House member as a representative. In a similar vein, we also support the Todd Ruritan Club, volunteering at events such as the New River Festival, and attending monthly meetings.

Beyond our service in the wider community, daily life in the house is one of service. By sharing in cooking, cleaning, childcare, gardening, and welcoming guests there are many opportunities to put on Jesus’ teachings, serving one another in the ordinary.

Ongoing service initiatives:

Tutoring program – we enjoy supporting our students, teachers, staff, and administrators through our program at Green Valley School

Community Garden – our community garden supports meals in the BBH and beyond, its mission is:

To be a demonstration plot for stewardship, community, education and service. Through community partnerships, we seek to provide a community gardening program that develops leaders in organic agriculture, integrates spirituality and faith, and distributes fresh food to address hunger in Todd and surrounding areas. 

Church community events – Blackburns’ Chapel and Blackburn House offer regular events that bring the community together, from Dinner and Movie nights to community potlucks. Check back often on our Calendar for these events.

Dinner and MovieTodd’s own big screen movie theater!!! FREE meal and family friendly movies every 4th Friday at 6pm.

Emerging and short-term service projects:

Todd Listening Project – BBH is leading this project with other churches, community organizations and leaders to get to know more of our neighbors, hear their concerns and what they’re passionate about, and mobilize those who will participate in multiple future community initiatives and projects.

Todd F.A.R.M. Pop-up Cafe and Sharing Center – This is a partnership with and based on the model of Boone’s F.A.R.M. Cafe. The goals of this initiative is to establish these cafes in smaller rural areas outside of Boone in order to bring many and diverse local people together over a meal, to address hunger, increase volunteerism and develop neighborhood leaders, and to provide a space for community asset/resource sharing of products, talents, skills, education, etc. (like a mini festival or flea market). Check back for updates and details!

Todd Free Healthcare Clinic – with folks from the Boone Community Care Clinic we are in the conversation and planning stage for this initiative. We are planning several interest meetings and finding ways to mobilize our neighborhood to stand with and behind this initiative. Our first interest meeting will be Monday, March 9 at 6:30pm in the basement of Blackburns’ Chapel UMC. Please spread the word and come join us!!!

Check our Volunteer page for ways you can join us in these incredible service opportunities! 

Learn more about ABCD and similar community development strategies here:



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