painting of the Last Supper by Sieger Koder

contemporary painting of the Last Supper by Sieger Koder

Welcome is one of the signs that a community is alive. To invite others to live with us is a sign that we aren’t afraid, that we have a treasure of truth and of peace to share.  –Jean Vanier

As a community, The Blackburn House seeks to be a place of welcome for all, particularly those who live in Todd.

We do this most regularly by eating together. Just as Jesus shared meals with others as a sign of God’s welcome, of grace that crosses social and economic boundaries, we invite neighbors to share at our table.  Living as a community offers us the opportunity to work together to make this space for others possible, in ways that would be much more difficult living as individuals.

As Henri Nouwen has said, hospitality, “should not be limited to its limited sense of receiving a stranger in our house–although it is important never to neglect that!–but as a fundamental attitude toward our fellow human being, which can be expressed in a great variety of ways.” We seek to embody this attitude of openness toward all of God’s creation that we encounter in Todd whether in the house or in Blackburn’s Chapel, whether attending a community gathering or visiting a shut-in neighbor, or sitting next to the New River admiring its beauty.



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