Erica Wrencher

Erica served the BBH as Coordinator of Hospitality and Missional Engagement. She is also a Worship Leader, Music Ministry Coordinator, and Lay Teacher for Blackburn’s Chapel.

Erica, her husband Brandon, and their son Phillip began their tenure with the Blackburn House in 2013 and their passion and love continue to grow for the Blackburn House, Blackburn’s Chapel and the neighborhood of Todd. The Wrenchers are natives of North Carolina, Moore County to be exact!

Erica earned her B.A. in History and Masters in Teaching from UNC Chapel Hill and has been a high school educator for over four years. Erica loves the church and is passionate about assisting people in experiencing worship as essential to their relationship with God and service in the world. She has been a leader in campus ministry, children and youth ministry and music/worship ministry with several churches and parachurch organizations. Erica enjoys exercising, singing, traveling, hanging out with friends and family, and eating new and delicious food.

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Read blog posts written by Erica.

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