Susan Schaller

Susan Schaller left her California home 1 & 1/2 years ago, on a pilgrimage to imagine a life without fear and economic insecurity that infests our society, and to experience, instead, the internal security – peace – .within our sharing of love and unity. Before that, Susan’s experiments with life included being born and raised in early childhood in the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming and one year in a much smaller, older Denver.  She then spent the next two decades getting over the shock of her family’s move to Los Angeles.

Meeting a languageless man changed her life, and she has been advocating for including EVERY child and person in our collective life, including learning from all stories.  Recently, Without Words,  a play of her experience, written in her book, A Man Without Words, brought her to Boone and, subsequently, Todd.  Ironically, her graduate studies of many years ago, in Chapel Hill, are finally being put to good use. Although, on the face of it, Blackburn House in rural Appalachia looked like another planet (for example, Californians have forgotten what “green” and “water” mean), it felt like home.  The new home is where she can continue to question, learn and grow into the best Susan she can be.

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