Matt Gundlach


Matt grew up in Rancho Cucamonga, California, amid the suburban sprawl of Southern California, and earned a BA in English from Biola University with minors in Sociology and Biblical Studies. After graduating, he volunteered with Mission Year, a neighborhood-and-community focused urban volunteer program. Matt was placed in Houston, Texas, where he served as a part of Mission Year’s pilot Arts Team, allowing him to integrate his talents in creative writing with his ministry.

After Mission Year, Matt moved to Koinonia Farm—an influential Christian community farm—in Southwestern Georgia to become an intern there. He stayed two years at Koinonia and wore many hats in the process: gardener, cook, cellarer, librarian, writer, shipper, Bible teacher, DJ.

In the process he solidified a passion for ecological agriculture and food justice as well as a desire to continue his theological education—to connect people with the land and with the Scriptures—and is continuing to explore a vocation integrating the two.

Matt joined the Blackburn House in the summer of 2014, and has remained on staff with BCO as the Garden Coordinator.

Read blog posts written by Matt.

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