Blackburn Community Outreach, Inc. Board of Directors

Current members:


Martha Enzmann, Chair


Lexie Danner, Treasurer


Kelly Florence, Secretary


Jeff McClain, Member


Renata Dos Santos, Member


Relationship to Blackburn’s Chapel

Blackburn Community Outreach, Inc. (BCO) is a subsidiary ministry of Blackburn’s Chapel UMC. Blackburn’s Chapel UMC provides facilities and land use for BCO’s programs in return for a group of Christian leaders’ commitment to make the church their primary worshipping community, and to share their ministry gifts and leadership within the church and community of Todd, for the flourishing of both. The church also provides in-kind supplies and office space for BCO staff. Additionally, Blackburn’s Chapel’s members serve on the BCO board of directors. The pastor of Blackburn’s Chapel has traditionally held the executive director position of BCO, maintaining the relationship between the church and non-profit, while supervising the daily operations and work of both.

Relationship to Boone UMC

Blackburn’s Chapel is a campus of Boone UMC. Boone UMC has authority over the property and facilities in which Blackburn’s Chapel and BCO operate and assemble, because of a merger that happened in the early 2000’s.

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