A Good Story by Susan Schaller

We, humans, and, indeed, all of life, are interdependent – strands in a great web.  We cannot achieve independence until we recognize our true Selves, the connected Self, as opposed to the little screaming, fear-driven, drama-loving little self, the ego.

Our stories, myths, legends and shared expressions connect us, remind us of connections and expand awareness of connection.  We struggle to think of effective ways to turn not only to our friends, but those who distrust and dislike us, to recognize ourselves in everyone. Through our sharing and stories, through listening, we can connect, in spite of differences.  We must, in order to grow more life on this planet.

We are our stories. Every language carries a collection of stories–a culture–a unique perspective. Storytelling’s power to connect people also teaches us about ourselves. We must work toward an inclusive society by bringing together stories from many languages, cultures, and through different senses and media. Our work is sharing and making new stories out of every person’s story, to complete our own story and ourselves.

Yes, and good story telling is not rushed.  Good stories take time, not only in the making, but in the telling.  Pauses are music in storytelling.  Then there’s that “we” word.  Rushing around is not a good state to be in, to be with people, to listen and learn new stories. Today let us practice avoiding that modern disease of dizzybizzy – moving too quickly and trying too hard to do too much.   Recovery, reviving and re-creation involves slowing down, even stopping.  If we pause and breathe, we invite more connection and life.

Today I am beginning a new life.  Everyday we are given a new life.  We can live more fully than yesterday, more connected, more ourselves with and through others and their stories. When we break from an old habit, an old thought, when we become independent of our conditioning and past, we become free of bondage to a selfish pattern, becoming more open to others.  It is possible not to overeat, get drunk, ignore a friend or family member or zone out with a mouth-watering fantasy.

Today, I will remind myself to be present, look people in the eye and listen, be conscious of my eating, drinking, talking, seeing, and this day will be richer each time I remember not to be a slave to immediate gratification, freeing myself to hear others.  Today, I hope to enjoy a more independent me, free to grow more life.

Enjoy the fullness of this day.

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