The Blackburn House Band?



Any person that relocates to another place must deal with the temptation of trying to control and “save” the people and places where one has relocated. The residents who relocate to join The Blackburn House are no different. Rather than teachers and saviors, an amazing organization called the Christian Community Development Association helps us to live into an identity as learners and partners with what God has been doing through the people of Blackburn’s Chapel and Todd long before any of us showed up here. CCDA’s national conference is in Raleigh this year and we are planning to attend in order to continue to grow into this identity. We’re trying to get creative in cutting the costs for The Blackburn House to attend the conference. One way is for us to perform at what the conference calls Stage II, a way of connecting the arts with the ministries of community development, justice and reconciliation. For the audition, we’re using a couple of tracks that should sound familiar to Blackburn’s Chapel folks. Our bid is in! We’ll keep you posted on what happens…..

P.S. You’ll notice that Phillip and I aren’t in the band. Well at least not yet. The Blackburn House collectively decided to save our star vocalists for the next recording!

Winking face


Check out the music here!

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