A Praise for Breathing

“Jesus, I can’t. Lord, you can.” This has been my breathe prayer since I learned it in a book I’m currently reading. And folks, it’s just that–a prayer that I think through as I breath in and out. What mom of a 16 month old do you know who has time for any prayer longer than a few minutes? Seriously.

But this one is even better. Breath in–Jesus, I can’t. Breath out–Lord, You can. Keep sweeping noodles up that my child just purposely threw on the floor.  Breath in–Jesus, I can’t. Breath out–Lord you can. Answer the question that my husband just asked me with love and tenderness even if I’ve answered it AT LEAST three times already.

You see my friend, it helps me to continuously talk to Jesus who never gets tired of my constant inquiries and often self-centered pleas to Him. He’s always listening!! To ME! Man, that deserves a shout right there! GLORY!  And it doesn’t make all the things that I can’t do miraculously disappear or get easier. No, my dear blog reading friends, it gives me another opportunity to empty myself before God in distress, irritation, fatigue, anger and all the other emotional states in which I find myself. Yes, and he gives me just enough to do that thing and a little more faith that He’ll help me do the next thing. Whew…and as my mom (who is a pastor back in my hometown) would say, “Now that outta make you give God a praise!” I think I will! Keep praying for me.

2 thoughts on “A Praise for Breathing

  1. We often get so caught up in 1) the idea that prayer has to be formal and long to be heard and 2) the endlessness of our day that we don’t realize that a prayer like this can make the difference in our day. Simple and sincere; not a prayer I have to stop to say but to be said in the midst of whatever I’m doing. Like the song says, “God knows my voice and He hears me when I pray.”

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