Calling: doing what you can’t not do…..

feature-interview-parker palmer3_520

Today I ran across a wonderful reflection on vocation and calling by Parker Palmer (pictured above). Parker says timageshat calling is when you’re doing something that you can’t not do. I’ve read Palmer in seminary, particularly his  classic Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation. But hearing his wisdom and stories from his own baritone, gentle voice did my heart good today! One of the gifts that Blackburn’s Chapel offers to residents of The Blackburn House is vocational discernment in a beautiful, serene, and hospitable context. Through our prayers, service and worship in this place we are able to let our lives speak, to discern the voice of vocation. And as we discern we also hear its voice through the lives and stories of the people of Blackburn’s Chapel and the community of Todd. Might we all listen to this story of Palmer and be guided by his wisdom. Click on this link for the video of Palmer sharing. Enjoy!


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