Remember That Time We Trapped a Wasp?

It has recently turned warm in Todd, NC (read: snowed one week and was eighty the next, no big deal, apparently).  And so the majority of Blackburn House women have turned from sun-reflecting white to shiny pink (and some of us to peely red).  What this warmth means is spending as much time as possible outside, even while we’re working and squinting at our computer screens in the sun.  However, this has led to a new struggle at the Blackburn House: The Wasp.

It’s true, we have a wasp and we do not like him or her.  So we would like to rid ourselves of said wasp.  This morning Erin ran squealing into the kitchen and decided it was time to do something about it.  So she turned to the place we always turn when we want to do something but don’t know how: the interwebs.

If you google “how to catch wasps,” you come across a plethora of conflicting information about what wasps like/eat and how to get rid of them (or at least minimize them), but we went with WikiHow and learned how to make a wasp trap.

Of course when I say “we,” I mean Erin.  I was busy making a tricky and elaborate sign for what would become our Wasp Buffet:


Basically, it’s a wasp trap made out of an old bottle.  You put things in it that wasps like, like sugar water (right, bugs are always attracted to sugary things) and….meat (WHAT KIND OF DEMON INSECTS ARE THESE?!).  Oh, and don’t forget to add soap (or as wasps call it, poison) because we’re trying to eliminate them, not win a michelin star for Wasp cuisine.

The effects are ytbd, as no wasp has yet gone near it or been trapped by it.  However, Blackburn House friends and cohorts, we will update you on the results.  Happy trapping!

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