I spent some time the other day brainstorming about our garden for this growing season!

What we need:

For the garden

Compost bin


Starter pallets (to start seeds indoors)


Wood poles (for beans/peas)

Wire (for beans/peas)

String (for beans/peas)

Cages (for tomatoes)

Stakes (for peppers)


For the kitchen

Pressure canner

Mason jars


Gallon bags

Last Year’s Planting Success:



Bell Peppers






Tomatoes (blight)

Corn (bugs)

Cilantro (bolted early)

Cucumbers (very few)



Never Produced

Sweet Potatoes (eaten)

Peas (eaten)

Some corn (too shy)

Cantaloupe (too cold)

What will help us be more successful this year?

Starting seeds indoors before the planting season

Planting things on time and not late

Having a solid plan before we begin

Making a list of what we want to plant and where it should go

Working compost into our soil

Making sure we harvest on time and don’t let things get overgrown or go to seed

Paying more attention to the need/lack of need for watering

Weeding more often

Pest and weed prevention tactics

Making a better and more efficient use of our garden space

Better methods of storing produce

Having a plan for our produce before it is harvested (eat/store/donate)

More rigorous efforts to can and freeze produce

Plant more beneficial flowers

Learn about and practice seed saving

Set up basement freezers for storage

Create a gardening schedule and make sure everyone in the house is involved

Collaboration with other farmers for plants, compost, seeds, wisdom, etc

Look up canning and preserving recipes

Have a plan for the next residents of what to do in the garden

Practice patience and love as we work with the soil, plants, and other people


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