Despite the cold weather (other than today) it is time to start thinking about gardening again! It always catches me off guard, I don’t even want to be outside in this weather, so no plants want to even think about it, right? Well, it’s days like today that save my spring garden; I saw how sunny and warm it was today and I really wanted to start thinking about gardening. So I started some broccoli seeds and planted some parsnips. I have a copious amount of seed catalogues that were given to me by a friend and some great books to read about organic gardening, so I’m ready to go!

I have discovered recently, however, that ordering seeds is way more difficult than I thought. It is so exciting to look through seed catalogues and at all of the cool different varieties of vegetables that I can’t decide what I want to get and what I have space to get. If it were up to me, my garden would be full of an unreasonable amount of colorful vegetables with the sole logic behind my excessive planting would be to have a rainbow in my garden. Fortunately, I am not the only one to think about when planning the garden, so I have been trying to curb my color enthusiasm. All that aside, seed catalogues are still beautiful and exciting.

So I’m ready to start gardening! Also, I’m ready for the weather to get warmer and the sun to stay out regularly, but I will have to wait a bit longer. In the meantime I’m going to be neck-deep in books about growing delicious vegetables.

-Lindsay R.

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