New Season

I am now in my last semester of college! I am completing my education requirements at an internship this spring semester called Seeds of Change. I’m a social work major and we are all required to have a internship to gain hands on experience and increase our knowledge of the field. It is the third day and I’ve been staying busy with filing, organizing, researching, and reading about our program. I’m gradually finding my place and I’m excited to get into a groove of things. I think having an internship my last semester in college will help with the transition from student to for real grown up. I enjoy being out in the real world and feeling like I’m contributing something to this community. Seeds of Change is doing great things and has extremely good ideas. I got to attend two meetings this past Tuesday and I love seeing the planning process and all of the hard work this group of people outs into their job/passion. Even though it is only the third day I have been inspired to be more aware of where my food comes from and to support my community by purchasing local food and other products, which is one of Seeds of Change’ goals. I’m excited to be done with school and be able to work within a community and give back in any way I can. I want to help someone in need and travel! This internship is going to be a good thing and I’m excited to see all that it will bring.


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