Christmas at Blackburn’s Chapel

Christmas time is FINALLY here, and we rung it in with hot chocolate and lots of holiday decorating. Friday night, we decorated our house with the help (well, mostly moral support) of a couple of boyfriends and my brother, Cory. Our house is now full of colored lights, garland, more than a few tacky kids ornaments (the best kind), TWO Christmas trees (don’t judge us), and LOTS of holiday cheer. Kristen was so excited that she tried to put up outdoor Christmas lights at 11 at night. We celebrated by watching one of my favorite Christmas movies, The Santa Clause, and relaxing in our warm home. The next day, we had the opportunity to help decorate Blackburn’s Chapel, which was a blast. Nothing beats getting to spend time with our Blackburn’s community. Someone even found a cowboy hat downstairs… I couldn’t resist getting some pictures. Hope you enjoy!

– Erin

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