TCPO is SO much fun!

Hello again! Kristen here. Tonight after getting home from a long day at school, Lauren and I went to the TCPO meeting at the Mercantile. I had been one time before and enjoyed meeting the execute board and other members. Tonight we were able to see those lovely people again and let me tell you, they are a HOOT! They’re all fun, honest, and welcoming and I love being around them all. I immediately felt a part of the meeting and was included in helping make decisions. This non-profit does a great deal for our home community of Todd and I’m now aware of how much time and effort goes into planning, organizing, and carrying out a project. It is extremely helpful attending the TCPO meetings and receiving the Mercantile emails because I am kept informed of the happenings in Todd. I’m excited about the Contra Dance this Friday at 7:30 and I encourage everyone to come out and dance your little heart out! This community truly cares for its town, residents, and history. I have grown to admire and respect this community for all their efforts and pure love for this community. I am truly grateful and thankful for being a part of it all! “Wherever you are, BE all there!” Till next time!


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