“I might have to pray with my eyes open.”

Myself and the other young women of the Blackburn House have morning prayer at 8am Monday through Friday at our house. We invite members of the Todd community or really whoever would like to come to join us for coffee, hot tea, and prayer on Tuesday and Thursday mornings! In the beginning it was difficult at times to wake up on time especially on my days off, but it has gotten easier has time has gone on. I think it’s becoming ingrained in me in a way now because during the week my body just wakes up in time for prayer…most times haha! I really do enjoy morning prayer because it brings all of the roommates together. It is a time dedicated to God, honest prayers, and a chance for us all to be silent and simply be.

We have had a few members from our church, Blackburn’s Chapel, come on Tuesdays or Thursdays and we all have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these individuals better! I love being a part of this beautiful community because it is full of people who genuinely care for my roommates and I!

Please feel free to come and join the ladies of the Blackburn house on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8am at the parsonage behind the church! We would love to have you and get to know you more. You’ll definitely get to know us quick because 8am is early and you might catch us in our pjs!

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