Let me introduce myself…

So you’ve heard from Lindsey and Lindsay. It’s October, and those of you who are keeping up with our blog are probably wondering where the rest of us are! Life is crazy, and I’ll be the first to say that I am a terrible blogger/journal keeper. But better late than never, so let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me. (I’m Erin, by the way).

I graduated from ASU in August with a BA in Religious Studies and a minor in music. I am the worship leader at a church in Boone called theHeart, a job I love with all of MY heart. I am passionate about musical worship, I am passionate about the study of religion, I am passionate about traveling and international missions, and I am passionate about working in ministry. Two years ago, I thought I would graduate college and go travel the world, be a missionary. Through a series of opportunities (including the opportunity to live in the Blackburn House), God has made it clear that His plans were different than mine, and He wants me here. I’ve struggled some with that surrendering, but I am loving being here, and He continues to provide and take care of me. Day by day, He continues to show me in His mercy who He wants me to grow up to be, and I am so thankful for that.

Some fun(ish) facts:

  • In addition to my first job, I also work part-time as the office manager at Main Street Marketing. My boss is the Home Communities Pastor at theHeart, so I can never escape him.
  • I was a choral music education major for two years before I changed to religious studies.
  • I’m Irish. I’m told that I’m feisty and that’s why.
  • I have 5 brothers and sisters (step, half, and whole. But we all love each other just the same!)
  • I have two nephews and a niece who I am in love with, and don’t get to see nearly enough. I will be meeting my niece for the first time since she was born 2 months ago next week! Get ready for pictures.
  • I love photography. I’m no professional, but I’m not too shabby for an amateur. 😉 I’ll probably be posting some pictures on here as year goes on.
  • I have a wonderful boyfriend named Glenn Deuel who is good lookin (in my totally unbiased opinion) and plays guitar. We’ve been together for a year and a half. He’s a keeper.

Living here has been a blessing, and I love my roommates, but it can be lonely to be in a new town. Please consider coming by to visit or joining us for morning prayer on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8. And thank you so much to Kay Wilson for being a faithful, loving neighbor and encouraging our project by joining us for prayer. We appreciate you!

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