Our Commitments

We thought it made sense to share the commitments we’ve made to each other and the community and hopefully further explain what we’re about and what we’re doing:

1. We are committed to living intentionally, praying together and eating together as often as possible.

2. We are committed to fostering friendship, holding each other accountable, being honest and open in our resolution of conflict and forming bonds in Christian love.

3. We are committed to staying open and available to the improvisational presence of the Holy Spirit on which we stake our foundation.

4. We are committed to being good neighbors, which means being a vocal and visible presence in Todd.

5. We are committed to knowing and supporting the grassroots endeavors already present in Todd and in doing so, learning from the community.

6. We are committed to thinking through how our food affects the land and the people we are in community with.

7. We are committed to anchoring ourselves in and supporting the worship of Blackburn’s Chapel

8. We are committed to discerning our Christian vocation together and finding intentional ways to encourage and affirm each other’s faith

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