“The church is Christ existing as community.”

— Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Blackburn House is both an intentional community and a community development program. The Blackburn House is a ministry of Blackburns’ Chapel UMC. Resident staff of Blackburn House commit to live in intentional community together in the church’s parsonage and demonstrate their leadership in the church and community.
The church’s lovely parsonage sits near the banks of the New River on a gorgeous acre of land with a garden. Located in the heart of the beautiful and quiet rural mountain neighborhood of Todd, NC, the church and parsonage provide a unique context for reflection, discernment, and ministry.
Through commitment to prayer, friendship, and service in Todd, NC resident staff practice hospitality and reconciliation in ways that are both ordinary and spectacular. Blackburn House offers a unique opportunity for resident staff to demonstrate and develop their leadership, grow in their sense of vocation, deepen their prayer lives, spirituality and relationship with Jesus, within the context of the church and in connection to the wider community.

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