blackburn house

“The church is Christ existing as community.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The Blackburn House is a missional program of Blackburn’s Chapel United Methodist Church. The program invites disciples of Jesus from different backgrounds and stages of life to live in intentional Christian community. The residents of The Blackburn House live together in the church’s lovely parsonage that sits near the banks of the New River on a gorgeous acre of land with a garden. Located in the heart of the beautiful and quiet rural mountain neighborhood of Todd, NC, the church and parsonage provide a unique context for reflection, discernment and ministry. Through commitment to prayer, friendship, and service in Todd the residents of The Blackburn House practice hospitality and reconciliation in ways that are both ordinary and spectacular. The Blackburn House offers an opportunity for residents to develop and deepen their leadership abilities, sense of vocation and ultimately discipleship to Jesus.

The Blackburn House’s mission is to seek the peace and prosperity of Blackburn’s Chapel and Todd. This mission comes from Jeremiah 29:7: “seek the peace and prosperity of the [place] to which I have carried you … Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

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Applications can be found under the “Apply” tab or the link below. You are welcome to complete an application. However, we typically review applications for consideration during the spring and only when there are vacancies in the house. Please return to the website for updates concerning vacancies. For any questions, more information or if you’re experiencing difficulties and need someone to talk or pray with please contact us at 336-877-3317, email us at theblackburnhouse@gmail.com, or click the “Contact Us” link below.


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